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"In Russia corruption isn’t really a side effect of big spending projects, it’s the reason. So the Olympics are actually just a side-effect of the corruption."

02.17.14 0
There were 15 crazy guys [in The Pogues], the crew as well. We fell around the world. I don’t know how we got from point A to point B. We were all piss drunk all the time.

— Joey Cashman, Tour Manager for the Pogues

12.27.13 1
I sang you all my sorrows. You told me all your joys.

— The Pogues, A Rainy Night in Soho

12.27.13 1

Master Class with Jeremy Denk and students of the Chamber Music Society going over the Dvorak Piano Quintet in A major, B. 155, Op. 81. Very fun to see the little adjustments Denk brings out of the students and how it affects the music

12.10.13 1
I don’t understand religion. I don’t get it at all. I understand why people need it, but I think they’re wrong. They don’t. I do see that on a crude-ish level, when someone dies, it’s nice and comforting to think that they’re going to heaven and that they’re going to be wrapped up warm for eternity. But they’re not. Heaven doesn’t exist. If you just think about it for a minute, the person is dead, they’re gone, they’re not coming back, and you’ll never see them again. And when you go, you’ll never see anybody again. Just face it. I feel stronger because of it. Knowing that I can’t lean on religion to get through life. If you are leaning on it, you won’t be living your life to the fullest.

— Ian McKellen

12.06.13 239
Do we not live in dreams?

— Franz Nicolay

11.15.13 4
If you think you can leave the past behind \ You must be out of your mind \ If you think you can simply press rewind \ You must be out of your mind, son \ You must be out of your mind \

— You Must Be Out Of Your Mind, The Magnetic Fields

11.15.13 0
We expected that the performance will become viral and be controversial, that was the plan from the beginning. It is better to look at beautiful models pretending to play the guitar than ugly musicians who actually play the guitar.

— Angelina Konkol, Patricia “Patty” Dłutkiewicz’s manager

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I can feel it in my bones. I’m gonna spend another year alone.

— Liz Phair, Fuck and Run

09.30.13 3
… there is no order in the world save that which death has put there.

— Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing

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